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CLIMA is specialises in developing, designing and manufacturingcharcoal, charcoal production line, charcoal machinery.CLIMA has already exported products to Middle East, Africa and many other oversea countries. In addtion, thanks to its highly qualified products and considerable after-sale service. CLIMA has obtained well-know reputation and established its cooperation image with good faith and trust.

CLIMA can research, design, manufacture, furnish and service. Our featuring products are charcoal, charcoal production line, charcoad machinery. According to customer's needs we alse design and manufactore different variety equipment. CLIMA has taken up designing railway parts since the middle 80's. Over 20 years equipment specifications have reached international level and can be compatible with import facilities.

CLIMA (China Light Industry Machinery Association) was officially founded on 1989 under the approval of State Economic and Trade Committee. We are the excutive trading company of CLIMA and we have been working on import, export and overseas project for many years.

We are also excel in establishing of complete plants for Biological Charcoal, Charcoal production line, charcoal machinery, bioler energy saving, waste power generation, machinery and equipment manufacturing, biomass fine chemical industry, environmental protection and energy projects, vegetable protein health, nanometer energy storage materials  and execute all kinds of turn key projects. Please donot hesitate to contact us if you get any requirements.

Featuring Products

Our featuring products are charcoal prodution factory, charcoal briquete press, charcoal

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