Charcoal Machine
Modern methods for charcoal production is using a sealed charcoal machine. We provide the whole set of charcoal machines such as crusher, dryer, rod making machine, carbonization furnace and other charcoal making equipment.
300t Charcoal Production Line
The charcoal production plant should be built in the place that away from the crowd, and there should be enough space for stacking raw materials. It also need the kiln area and kiln work site, so the charcoal production line needs at least 500m2.
1,000t Charcoal Production Line
The raw materials for charcoal production line can be straw, twigs, bark, scraps of furniture factory, sawdust, bamboo sawdust, peanut shells and corn cob. The charcoal equipment includes crusher(grinder), dryer, rods machine, carbonization furnace and auxiliary equipments.
1,500t Charcoal Production Line
The general charcoal production line can be Raw Material Crushing--Drying--Shape Forming--Carbonization--Final products. So the charcoal making equipment shall be Crusher--Dryer--Charcoal Extruding Machine(shapes:logs, rods, briquets, etc.)--Carbonization Furnace and other auxiliary equipments.
3,000t Charcoal Production Line
The operation flow of charcoal production line: material collection--material cutting--feeding(automatically metal removal)--press--molding--extrusion--cooling--transport--civil use or small boilers--biomass power plant.
High Pressure Briquete Press
High pressure Briquete press is mainly used to press coal powder, iron powder, coke, aluminum powder, scrap iron, etc.
Charcoal rod machine
The charcoal rod machine 80 is a rod forming machine used for charcoal production, which can press bamboo, wood, shells, straw
Wood Chip Machine
The wood chip machine is a disc shape wood chipper which can process wood, branches and other hard wood materials into wood chips.
Rotary Dryer
The rotary dryer is a charcoal raw material drying equipment used for drying sawdust, grain, baggase, bamboo, and other high moisture materials.